About Bigtime Tributes

Bigtime Tributes

is the brainchild of versatile musician and musical director, Gary Bivona, along with bassist, keyboardist, vocalist and business partner, Kam Falk. In 2020, we have now entered into our second decade of this performing partnership, along with team members, Billy D. Lindley, lead vocalist for Never Stop Believin', Livin' on a Prayer, Petty/Nicks and Titans of Rock, as well as a featured performer in Classic Rewind; and finally, Steve Quinto, our newest member on drums, who is talented and versatile enough to be featured in any and all of our acts. Bigtime Tributes have traveled both nationally and internationally, entertaining audiences of 300 up to 10,000 in Trinidad, Santo Domingo, Honduras, New York, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Louisiana, to name just a few of the destinations where we have been invited to perform. We keep a busy travel schedule while balancing family lives and various independent work.